Finding Davy

Davy Rothbart loves trash. Just look at the USA Network's "Characters Wanted" tag featuring the frequent This American Life contributor and founder/editor of FOUND Magazine (as well as the publication's two compilation books)—the man hauls off and dives into a dumpster, for cryin' out loud. But the personable and effervescent Rothbart isn't testing laundry detergent, looking for a gig in the custodial arts or seeking a dog-like roll in refuse. Rothbart is a man in search of treasure, and that treasure is often found on the scraps of paper that other people drop, abandon, toss or forget. With the help of the FOUND staff, he's compiled his own collections and, for years, has accepted submissions of found items from people all over the world—from grocery lists to personal notes, from photos to trinkets. The results are incredibly addictive magazines and books that are surprisingly emotional journeys for readers that have no ties to the finds. Rothbart has created a recycled masterpiece that reads better that most fiction out there today. Read FOUND and visit Rothbart, and his brother Peter, as they celebrate the release of FOUND II 8 p.m. Thursday at Art Prostitute, 2919 Commerce St. Afterward, you'll be inspired to search the ground for bits of treasure...and you'll never absentmindedly crumple and toss version one of a break-up letter ever again. Call 214-760-7170 or visit
Thu., June 8, 8 p.m.
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Merritt Martin
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