First Times Are Funny: Dave Little

Here's the set-up: Long-time laughers, short-time bloggers.

We here at the Mixmaster love comedy and from before the launch of this blog we were looking to do a series of Q&As with local comics (stand-up, improv, musical, all of it). But we had to get it right. Finally, we settled on firsts.

First times are funny, awkward and, for the most part, memorable. So who better to spin a first time tale than a comic? Especially if it's a true story. Or, in contrast, if it's completely fabricated.

Sometimes, this series will feature a comic who's never seen a spotlight any other night but open mic. Sometimes, the series will feature a Dallas institution.

Dave Little is certainly the latter.

So, in anticipation of his one-man show at Dallas Comedy House this Saturday (that's 7:30 p.m., September 17), I asked local comic, musician and jourdionaler (audio journaler) Dave Little if he wouldn't mind helping us kick off a new fun, casual, and like, totally hilarious new series here on the Mixmaster. He said he wouldn't mind at all. Well, actually that's a lie. He didn't say he wouldn't mind, per se, but I didn't exactly ask him if he wouldn't mind either. Look, I'll be honest: I just sent him some possibly inappropriate questions with meandering (at best) instructions and he was kind enough to respond to them so quickly that it sorta freaked me out. It was as though we were connected there via some crazy smartsbeam for like -- never mind.

Read about Little's first time after the jump.

Who was the first comic you laughed at and where were you? I am sure that I was in Maryland when I laughed at a comic. I was probably around 7. Maybe older. When you're laughing, who cares how old you are? I am guessing that the comic was Don Rickles. I do remember my parents having a Brother Dave Gardner record. And it could've been the Smothers Brothers. I should call my parents and see if they remember. Can you hold on for a second?

Describe the first time you realized you were funny: Like the first question, I don't remember in specifics. It was probably in elementary school. It might have been in conjunction with this girl named Francine showing me her underpants. Actually, they were culottes. I think I was in fourth grade. I do remember thinking that if I made certain teachers laugh yet not cause trouble I could possibly see their underpants, too. That was faulty logic.

Tell us about your first time on stage: I don't remember my first time onstage. It was a long time ago. I did get up in front of class a great deal and perform when I was in school. It never bothered me. The only time I get nervous is when I'm trying to remember the pacing of a new joke. Am I answering your questions correctly? By the way, my mom just called back and said she doesn't remember and that we never lived in Maryland.

What about the first time you had sex? What about the first time I had sex?

What's the first thing you're going to do after answering these questions? After I answer these questions, I am getting into the car and driving to my mom's house. I'll let you know that that goes.

Check out Dave Little's one-man show at the Dallas Comedy House Saturday, September 17. He will be at the Arlington Improv Thursday, Friday and Sunday and then hits Hyena's Dallas October 6 through 8. Get even more of him at lovedavelittle.com.

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