Five Art Exhibitions to See this Weekend

Between Dog and Wolf It's highly possible you've seen the French idiom: entre chien et loup. It roughly translates to Between Dog and Wolf, inspiring the name for artist Danny Williams exhibition at Barry Whistler Gallery (2909-B Canton St.). It refers to the way dusk can obscure the outline of a friendly dog to make it appear wolflike. His works in charcoal are meant to demonstrate what lies "between wild and tamed, pastoral and industrialized or nature and culture." See the pieces at the opening reception at 6 p.m. Saturday or through January 10. In conjunction there will be a drawing show featuring Linnea Glatt, Lawrence Lee, Andrea Rosenberg, Lorraine Tady (Dallas), Jay Shinn (NY/Dallas), Michael C. McMillen (LA), Adam Raymont (Berlin), John Wilcox, and Mark Williams (NY). More information at barrywhistlergallery.com.

Lauren Woods' Solo Exhibition Lauren Woods' art can be difficult to pin down. In medium, she's all over the place, her work is varied, but very interconnected. Combine her dynamism as a conceptual artist with the track record of Zhulong Gallery (1302 Dragon St.), and this is an exhibition you'll want to catch. In her solo exhibition that opens at 6 p.m. Saturday, her work includes video, works on paper, and more traditional pieces. Her work falls into the artistic categorization, "interventions," which is to say that they work both in the space they are placed and in the viwer's personal context. See the work in opening reception at 6 p.m. Saturday or through January 24. More information at zhulonggallery.com.

2nd Annual Juried Artists Books Art Books can be hard to come by. The lovely little objects made by artists around the world are hard to display next to an expensive leather couch, and besides books are headed for extinction, right? Wrong, says WoCA Projects. Now in its second year, this juried exhibition of art books contains the work of 20 artists, one of whom will receive the Purchase Prize and be added to the University of Texas at Arlington's Art/Art History & Rare Books Collection. Stop by the opening reception from 6-9 p.m. Thursday at WoCA Projects, 2902 Race Street in Fort Worth. Or see them through January 31. More at wocaprojects.com.

Ansen Seale's Ever Wonder and Bryan Florentin's Cryptic Title Kirk Hopper Fine Art presents dual exhibitions of untraditional photographers Ansen Seale and Bryan Florentin. Both use the medium in wildly different ways to present their perspectives on landscape and how humans interact and intervene with space. They're masters of the camera and their work is unlike photography you're used to seeing. Opening reception from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Remains on display through January 10. More information at kirkhopperfineart.com.

The Cat Show Mighty Fine Arts presents a fun group exhibition dedicated to our feline friend. Best I can gather by looking at the list of participating artists there are no purring critters on the list, but the names include Brian Scott, Clay Stinnet, Brian Jones, Teresa Megahan, Steve Cruz, and many more. The art pays tribute to perspectives on pussycats. Additionally, Wordspace will host its final Artspeak event of the year at 9 p.m. Reception starts at 6 p.m. Saturday at MFA, 409A N.Tyler.

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