Five Best Events to Ring in Spring
Klyde Warren Park

Five Best Events to Ring in Spring

Despite the frozen tundra that was our city over the past couple of weeks, spring is inevitably coming in the next few weeks. The time has already changed, the trees will soon start to bloom, and that means that it's time to get your ass outside and enjoy some nature now that the weather is nice. Fortunately, walking from your car to a performance hall is technically considered "enjoying nature."

Even if you're not necessarily going to be outside much, you can still be excited about the fact that it is about to be seventy degrees every day for at least a few months. Whether it's a history lesson or a new look, these five arts, dance, and culture events will help you celebrate the wonder that is a North Texas spring.

Shen Yun Bass Performance Hall March 10-11, 2015 $66-165

If you missed this epic presentation of actual millenia of Chinese dance when it came through Dallas last year, you're going to want to make the trip to Fort Worth. Shen Yun is a gorgeously produced spectacle, especially if you've never been exposed to this kind of dance. Tickets to Shen Yun are a little pricey, but where else can you get a full education in over 5,000 years of art and culture in just a few hours? Consider this "spring cleaning" for your brain -- hopefully some of this history can overtake all those hours of Netflix bingeing.

Dallas International Piano Competition SMU Meadows School of the Arts March 11-14, 2015 $15-35

North Texas is known around the world for its piano competition, but people most often think of the Van Cliburn hosted in Fort Worth. At Southern Methodist University this week, though, the Meadows School of the Arts will celebrate young talents and up-and-comers in the piano world from around the globe while showcasing some of chamber music's most iconic pieces. Most events at the 2015 Competition are open to the public, and a four-day pass can be purchased for just $35, ensuring you access to the city's best slate of piano programming all year long.

2015 Cool Thursdays Dallas Arboretum March 12, 2015 $25

In this first 2015 installment of the Dallas Arboretum's wildly successful concert series, The Molly Ringwolds will bring peak 80s nostalgia to the garden of budding blooms. Put on your best Day-Glo tights and tease your bangs, because The Molly Ringwolds go all out in their celebration of everything from your teenage years. Spring is finally knocking on our doors, and it's time to get out and spend a little time in Dallas' best outdoor space.

BeautyCon Fair Park Automotive Building March 15, 2015 $25-250

If you don't know what BeautyCon is, you're probably too old to understand it. For those in the know, though, this combination of beauty and social media is entirely irresistable. Expect the well-painted young masses to attend BeautyCon in droves, in hopes of meeting their favorite online personalities and scoring all kinds of great new beauty products. If makeup, skincare, Instagram, and Vine are in your wheelhouse, you need to be at BeautyCon. Tickets start out at just $25, but you can pay up to $250 for meet-and-greets, free beauty swag, and guaranteed panel seating.

Spring Fling Klyde Warren Park March 14, 2015 Free There's no better place in this city to welcome the coming spring than Klyde Warren Park. The annual Spring Fling is bigger and better this year, featuring stops for the whole family through famous sunny locales like Venice Beach, the Caribbean, and South Beach. Each stop has themed events -- Coney Island will feature mini-golf and arcade games, Hawaii will have a surfing experience -- and adults can drink their way through a menu of specialty cocktails provided by Savor.

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