Five Places You Can Still Play Arcade Games in Dallas. HADOUKEN!

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Kung Fu Saloon (above) 2911 Routh St., Dallas Type of arcade: One entirely surrounded by cut-price alcohol that the staff will attempt to funnel down you and, if you go by the Google reviews, a questionable "dress code" that has resulted in several, shall we say, mishaps. Kind of a sports bar with arcade machines inside. Arcade gems: Mortal Kombat III, Cruis'n USA, Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon. Actual Double Dragon. This is second on my list of side-scrolling beat-em-ups that were frustratingly impossible to complete after Golden Axe, and before Final Fight. Things to do as if those games weren't enough for you: Drink, obviously, to forget the fact that Mortal Kombat III isn't very good, and there's even some food that will come in handy for throwing at the machine when another Double Dragon boss eats your 18th continue for breakfast. Free play on Sundays. Quarters otherwise.


Barcadia 1917 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas

Type of arcade: A hip drinking establishment on North Henderson Avenue, Barcadia is within easy shouting distance of Beauty Bar and the Slip Inn, so you can yell at people who didn't spend their whole childhoods playing video games and spent that time doing something constructive, making them now attractive, successful, hip adults who don't hang out in a glorified video game arcade.

Arcade gems: Streetfighter II, Mortal Kombat, Galaga, Out Run, Ms. Pac-Man. Controversial, but Ms. Pac Man is far superior to her husband's stab at the I'm-a-yellow-head-and-ghosts-are-after-me genre. Do you know why? Because the ghosts' movement is partially randomized, thus making it impossible to just memorize patterns and beat the game.

Things to do as if those games weren't enough for you: Drink, yell, play Giant Jenga, weep as M. Bison fucking levitates for the 100th time and then just straight out flies into your head, killing you. Free play night is Tuesdays. Again, quarters necessary.


Dave and Buster's 9450 N. Central Expressway, Dallas

Type of arcade: One that is relatively unwilling to constantly pass you alcohol all the time, and that focuses mainly on arcade gaming rather than being a drinking establishment with video games, in an effort to pull in the wandering nostalgic twentysomething. However, to make up for this, they have seen fit to employ some form of legalized gambling involving a ticket system and some largely shitty prizes.

Arcade gems: Deadstorm Pirates (all the kids love it, but if you ask me it makes House of the Dead look like Goldeneye or something); something where you have to land a plane; racing games that aren't Out Run or Cruis'n USA and are thus uncontrollable, skiddy pieces of crap.

Things to do as if those games weren't enough for you: GAMBLE. How can children gamble, I hear you cry? Well, they can ask their parents to "invest" in a card that you swipe in each machine, taking away a set number of "points" from the card that, considering there is no way to decipher the D&B Exchange Rate without a calculator, means that it must be very expensive. Thankfully, though, you can get discounted cards by buying some not-very-good food, for some reason.

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