Five Plays to Kick Off Your Fall in Dallas

Summer's on its way out, fall is coming, and even though we may not measure our lives in semesters anymore, I have a goal for you to make with me, a leaf to turn over. Let's see more theater this year? Whadya say? There's something really great stuff hitting the stages this fall, and I don't want to go it alone. If you're game, here are the first five plays we're going to see this fall. Ready, set, buy your tickets. 

The Dumb Waiter
You know better than to miss a show at Kitchen Dog Theater, right? Do you know what happens to someone who does? Regret. Instant, debilitating regret. This season, the Kitchen Dogs will be in between spaces, so they will perform their shows at the Green Zone in the Design District using only company members. See their season opener, The Dumb Waiter, a Harold Pinter show about two hit men waiting out their next assignment in the basement. The hit men will be played by the stellar duo of Michael Federico and Chris Carlos. See it September 11 - October 10. 

Moonshine: That Hee Haw Musical 
Are you at all curious why Dallas Theater Center is producing a musical based on the television show you're probably too young to have heard of? Yeah, we don't know. But according to some sources inside the company, it's going to be dern-tootin' good, so we'll give it a chance. This new musical written by country music singer/songwriters Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally is headed to Broadway after its run here. So for better or worse, you can say you saw it first. Runs September 2- October 11. 

The Droll
Last season, Undermain Theatre produced the hilarious, absurdist romp through Russian fairytales by Meg Miroshnik, The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls. This season they produce another of her plays, The Droll. This time she imagines a world in which theater is banned, but one troupe rebels by producing Hamlet. See it September 23 - October 17.  

Buñuel Descending
If there's one thing Matthew Posey and his Ochre House Theater do well, it's finding the heart and the magic at a story about love, art and debauchery.  This time the troupe is telling the story of Luis Buñuel at the beginning of the Surrealist movement in Spain. In true Ochre House style there will be dancing, puppetry, music and song. Choreography will be by the stunning Flamenco team, Delilah Muse and Antonio Arrebola. See it September 9-12. 

This fall, WaterTower Theatre produces the world premiere of local playwright/actor Donald Fowler's Jack the Ripper musical, Creep. In it, Fowler uses the story we think we know about London's mass murderer and turns it on its head. Everyone's a suspect because everyone is capable of evil. The musical is fully scored and features a selection of Dallas' most talented musical theater actors. See it October 2-25.

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