Five Reasons to Love the JFK Bit in Dallas Theater Center's Second City Does Dallas

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So a couple of snooty critics and uptight theater patrons are upset about a sketch in The Second City Does Dallas, the new Dallas Theater Center comedy that just opened at the Wyly. The bit comes toward the end of the two-hour evening of satire, which hits on such easy-aim Dallas targets as the death-rays shooting off Museum Tower and the intolerant attitudes of Highland Park (where, their punch line goes, you can be pulled over and ticketed "for driving through Highland Park").

This is a topical show, written and performed by members of the famed Second City comedy troupe from Chicago. They do revues like this in other cities, too, sending a couple of writers -- for this one they sent Brooke Breit and Ed Furman -- to town a few months in advance to gather topics from conversations with locals.

I went to lunch with Breit and Furman this summer. They were nice kids but not exactly a barrel of giggles over burgers at Lee Harvey's. They turned out to be funnier writers than talkers. I laughed a bunch at Second City Does Dallas, which I saw opening night. Wouldn't mind seeing it again to hear lines I missed when everyone else was laughing louder than I was.

This brings me back to the bit theatergoers are giving DTC flak about.

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Elaine Liner
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