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Five Reasons To See Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D This Week

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Dallas is one of a limited pocket of US cities getting this new-to-America Jet Li flick in 3D. Opening Saturday the 31 at AMC NorthPark 15, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate brings you sweeping Ming Dynasty landscapes flooded with magical battle scenes and dreamlike mid-air sword fighting. It's fun and it doesn't require too much from your last, few-surviving brain cells. We caught a screening, and here's five reasons why you should snag a seat.

1) It's only showing for one week: There's nothing more enticing than a limited-run, it just makes you feel special. If Swords does well, you might get another shot down the road but currently this is the only scheduled screening in the entire city. So why risk it? One theater. One week. One Jet Li.

2.) It's the first time 3D has been used in a wuxia film -- A wuxia film is a martial arts flick combined with a moralistic hero tale, which pretty much encompasses all of your favorites. Now, as far as plot and character development goes, Flying Swords isn't the greatest movie ever made. Who cares? That's not why you're going. It's one long run of action, filled with some of the best fight scenes you'll watch this year, and it's an example for when adding 3D technology works to enhance a film.

3.) Did I mention this film stars Jet Li? He has flying, chopping, blenders-for-fingers costars in Kwai Lun-mei, Zhou Xun and others, but Li plays the Robin Hood-inspired character Zhou Huai'an in this cinematic tale. He exists nearly as legend, emerging only to correct governmental wrongdoings through gravity-defying kung fu. 4.) The mind is a weapon -- There's telepathic destruction in Flying Swords of Dragon Gate. Also, lots of magic and even a warrior who morphs into a bird of prey. Hands? Feet? Humph. So pedestrian. These guys and gals will splinter a log apart with their mental prowess. Awesome.

5.) There's a strong lady presence -- Swords isn't your old school sausage fest -- Li Yuchun, Zhou Xun, Gwei Lun-Mei and Mavis Fan make sure of that. It's an unexpected reveal after the first 20 minutes of dude fighting, but once the gals arrive on the scene they pretty much steal the show for the next hour and a half.

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