Five Rebellious Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

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Most of America is satisfied with a few beers, a semi-burnt burger, and some sparklers on the Fourth of July. But for those of you looking for an adventure, we have a few ideas for you.

After all, our founding fathers were known for being rebels. They held their meetings in public houses, and spoke rebellion over mug after mug of warm ale. They got hammered and stormed a boat on Boston Harbor, dressed as Native-Americans. So, why not get into a little trouble and do something off-the-map, in honor of the pantheon of patriarch party-animals that built this great nation?

Here is out list of things to do this Fourth of July that even Old George would be proud to take part in.

Team America: World Police 10 Year Anniversary Screening and Quote Along Let's face it, you're going to shout "America, fuck yeah!" at some point this Friday, and the Alamo Drafthouse is offering you the chance to do so, in a theater filled with fellow patriots. Celebrate the birth of America by watching the greatest puppet show since Tony Sarg's appendix burst, Team America: World Police. Relieve the insanity of Kim Jong Il and sing along to all the songs; and just in case your memory is a little fuzzy after ten years, the words will be on the screen! You have no excuse not to go, unless you don't love America...

Where: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema,100 South Central Expressway, Richardson When: Friday, July 4, 8 p.m. Price: $12

Watch Fireworks at the SODA Bar Don't bother fighting through traffic just to see fireworks. Instead, fight to find parking downtown and grab a glass of bubbly at the NYLO's roof top bar and pool, SODA. Bring your swim suits and watch the rocket's red glare and bombs burst in the air, while soaking in a luxurious infinity pool stretched out over the Dallas skyline. Just imagine what the old Sage of Monticello (See: Thomas Jefferson) would think if he could see you, relaxing with a drink by the pool, celebrating the birth of America. Classy as shit.

Where: NYLO Dallas South Side, 1325 South Lamar St. When: Friday, July 4 Price: Well, free

Palmer's Discount Fireworks Stand Sure you can find some cool place to watch fireworks, but this is America dammit! Revel in the freedoms granted to you by the Constitution by blowing shit up at one of the closest legal firework stands in Dallas. For the reasonable price of $15 per car you can peruse Palmer's selection of more than 100 different kinds of pyrotechnics (many of them being buy one get one free), and set them off right then and there. Just be sure you pick a "designated shooter," if you plan on drinking the night away.

Where: 2795 Dowdy Ferry Rd. When: Friday, July 4, 8 a.m. - Midnight Price: As much as you want! ($15 per car to set off fireworks on-site)

Screening of Independence Day on 35MM Film You would think that the Fourth of July, of all days, would be invasion free for the good old US of A, but these aliens clearly do not know what's up. We've got Will Smith kicking ass, Bill Pullman pushing aside our petty differences, and lets not even get started on how crazy Randy Quaid is. Spend your Fourth of July basking in all the qualities that make America great: killer one liners, haphazard planning, and Jeff Goldblum. Today we celebrate our Independence Day! Where: The Texas Theatre, 231 W. Jefferson Blvd When: Friday, July 4, 7:30 p.m. Price: $10

Watch the sky light up at the Bar Belmont The Belmont Hotel has, arguably, one of the best vantage points in Dallas. Settled atop a hill in North Oak Cliff, this boutique hotel has vintage flair, and plenty of history tucked into every corner. Get a room, bring your significant other, and make this year's Fourth of July a night to remember. Show up early and catch a stunning sunset, before settling in and watching fireworks rain down on the bustling kinetics of downtown Dallas. Be sure to also check out SMOKE, right across the street from the hotel; which Dallas Observer food critic Scott Reitz, says brings "a unique take on regional cooking that makes Dallas a better dining city."

Where: Hotel Belmont, 901 Fort Worth Avenue When: Friday, July 4, 3 p.m. - 1 a.m. Price: Whatever you drink or order from the Smoke bar menu

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.