Five Totally Free Culture Events That Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

In the summertime slump, you’re probably feeling like you’re not very creative at all. There’s nothing about 104-degree temperatures that make you want to create art, much less go out and find the inspiration to do it. Still, even though it’s a veritable inferno out there, this week offers a pretty staggering number of ways that can help you get your creative mojo back in order without having to pay a single red cent.

Whether you’re an amateur writer, painter, photographer, or sculptor, this week’s five best arts and culture events are totally free, and can help kick your ass into gear and start working on your own projects. Who knows, maybe you’ll finally be able to quit your day job.

Laugh On Tap
Monday, August 10
The Foundry

Comedy and booze have a totally intertwined relationship, from the creators to the crowd. At The Foundry, they’ve smartly combined excellent joke-telling and cheap booze for this week’s Laugh On Tap, featuring a line-up full of local comics. Clint Werth, the Observer’s Best Comic in Dallas, will host an evening of jokes from Josh Johnson, Andrew Woods, and more. Best of all, the drinks are only $2, which will make every joke inherently funnier. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to become a stand-up comedian after all. That’s a plausible dream for sure.

For The Love Of Words
Tuesday, August 11
British Beverage Company

On Tuesday, Art House Dallas hosts an evening that is perfect for the burgeoning (or experienced) writer. At For The Love Of Words, Art House Dallas will host a sort of social hour for local writers of all experience levels, along with discussions on the writing community in Dallas, and plenty of opportunities for you to mingle with writers of all kinds. Snacks and drinks will be served, so even if you’re still just scribbling in the back of your notebook, make it out to this event and celebrate every writer’s most beloved (and hated) medium: words.

Artist Talk With Roger White
Wednesday, August 12
The Wild Detectives

If you don’t know anything about the art world, it can seem intimidating and daunting. Consider that especially true if you’re a young artist, dying to end up in the right circles with the right people, and ultimately, have your art recognized by critics (and buyers). In this artist talk, Roger White, a New York-based artist and Rhode Island School of Design graduate walks through the world of The Contemporaries, a meditation on the way that art has changed in the past twenty years. Among others, White will answer questions like “who makes art?” and walk through the careers of three totally different, yet highly in-demand artists. (Three of the artists discussed in the book are currently based in Dallas: Francisco Moreno, Arthur Peña, and Michelle Rawlings.)

Chalk Art Festival
Saturday, August 15
West 7th Fort Worth

Starting at 10 a.m. on Saturday, creative types of all kinds will descend on Fort Worth’s new hipster district for a one-of-a-kind arts festival that can’t be missed. Chalk art is probably one of the more under-respected forms of art, especially when you consider that these intricate works are washed away not long after the artist pored over them for hours. At the Chalk Art Festival, you can watch professional artists and amateurs alike create impressive chalk works on the street, and even participate yourself if you think you’ve got skills. Prizes will be handed out for the best entries, so steal the sidewalk chalk from your kids and plan an idea.

Annual Texas Artists Showcase
Saturday, August 15
LuminArte Gallery

If your creative juices need a little jumpstart from your fellow Texans, check out the Annual Texas Artists Showcase at LuminArte Gallery this weekend. This exhibition will feature the works of more than twenty Texas artists, in styles ranging from sculpture to photography. On Saturday, LuminArte will host an opening reception from 7 to 10 pm, where you can mingle with the artists and chat them up about their work on display. There’s nothing more inspiring for your art than creative, talented people who are already doing their own thing. 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.