Fletcher, Don't Let Us Down on The Bachelor

JoJo Fletcher’s life is about to change. Tonight. Tonight is the night her entire existence is about to change. We are excited. Just kidding, we are terrified for her.

Fletcher is one of the 28 bachelorettes on ABC’s The Bachelor, vying for Bachelor Ben’s attention. That's nice talk for: ‘She willingly signed up for an experience where 28 women get drunk each night and share a boyfriend and oh yeah, all of it is filmed, and oh yeah, it might end in a marriage proposal and finding your one true love, but for the most part, it will end with a little bit of fame and a whole lotta sadness.’ (The sadness part is just what happens to former reality stars. We don't make the rules. Sorry.)

Fletcher is from Dallas, so we have that hometown pride. We really want her to do well, which on this TV show means she doesn't wear a bad Terry Costa dress and drunkenly cry in a limo to a TV producer about a man she's known for 45 seconds, Fletcher. And with that said, we also kind of want to see her go all the way because now she's like a sports reality show hero that we want to see wear that Super Bowl engagement ring. We also just kind of like the entertainment. It’s harsh to say, but here we are.

Before the first episode, there’s only so much we know about Fletcher. Until we see her on our TV screens downing six glasses of Champagne and talking about what an amazing journey she's on, we have to base our judgments off either her standard ABC Q&A (where she lets us know that she doesn’t really like to read books and that she can make a three-leaf clover shape with her tongue) or the gossip we hear from outside sources.

By "the gossip we hear from outside sources," we mean the big guns, Reality Steve, who is king of The Bachelor spoilers and who knows everything about everyone and it's a little scary, but in Reality Steve we trust.

Things Reality Steve let us in on:

  • Fletcher used to date Chad Rookstool, who owns Chad Rookstool Salon in Dallas. He watched her dog while she was filming the show, so they are still on friendly-enough terms.
  • Ben Patton is Fletcher’s half-brother. Patton was on NBC’s Ready For Love, another dating show, for a hot second before it was canceled and went to online-only. Remember that show? Cool, neither do we.
  • Even though he doesn’t know how her edit will turn out, Reality Steve was told she was well-liked by the other women in the house.

We look forward to watching you tonight. Fletcher, don’t let us down. (Get it? Like, Fancy, don't let us down. Please laugh.)

Fletcher’s Twitter-follower count the eve of the premiere: 383 followers. Oh, how that will grow.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.