For Father's Day: Top Ten "Daddy Issues" Movies

10. Blame It On Rio In honor of Father's Day, we put together a list of our favorite daddy issue flicks. The first movie featured is the 1984 "rom-com" Blame It On Rio, an unintentionally creepy gem about a young girl (Michelle Johnston) who becomes infatuated with her Dad's friend (Michael Caine) on a family vacation. The movie is based on a '70s French film called Un Moment D'égarement. There's an especially uncomfortable scene where Johnston's character and her friend, (Demi Moore) frolic topless on the beach in front of their own fathers.

9. The Royal Tenenbaums Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman) is a lousy father figure who leaves his once-prodigy children with all kinds of emotional scars.

8. Factory Girl Factory Girl portrays the rise and fall of '60s "it" girl Edie Sedgwick, and highlights the socialites deeply rooted daddy issues.

7. The Savages A brother and sister take care of their ailing dad.

6. The Ballad of Jack and Rose A father and his daughter live together on an isolated island, and at one point in the movie share a super skin-crawly father-daughter kiss.

5. Pretty In Pink Molly Ringwald fills her fatherly void with polka dotted taffeta in this 1986 John Hughes classic.

4. King of California Michael Douglas plays an unstable dad who has just been released from a mental institution.

3. The Shining Jack Nicholson plays a dad with some major issues in the 1980 horror flick.

2. Punch This Canadian indie flick showcases an abnormal relationship between a father and his daughter, who is suffering from an Electra complex.

1. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker feels the full force of fatherly abandonment. Also, hand-loss.

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