For His Next "Epic Party," Jared Guynes Plans to Take Over Six Flags Over Texas

The Rockwall man who gave the world the Vanilla Ice and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reunion it didn't know it wanted just finished throwing one of the biggest pop culture-themed parties that Dallas/Fort Worth has ever seen. Such an endeavor must have taken an insane amount of planning and preparation, followed by an equally epic nap. But he hasn't rested long. This week Jared Guynes announced his plans for his next "epic" endeavor. Guynes posted on his Facebook page his plans for another "epic party," this time at Six Flags Over Texas. For "Jared's Epic Theme Park Party," he intends to rent the entire theme park and its rides for a select group of donors and ticket holders. He also plans to throw his theme park party sometime before the end of 2014.

Guynes said in an online chat there are a lot of preliminary factors he's considering before launching any kind of fundraising campaign. He once again plans to create a Crowdtilt campaign to raise money for the party, just like he did for his first "epic party" that raised more than $73,000. He hasn't worked out any prices yet for the cost of renting an entire theme park for him and a crowd of his friends and followers but he said he hopes to raise enough money so that the cost of admission falls between $25 and $40 per person. He also noted that it would take "1,500-3,000 people to make it possible at minimum."

He also hasn't figured out if the party would be a full-day rental or an after-hours party since it depends on the park's availability. In spite of the park's outdoor stage, he doesn't have any current plans to stage another pop culture-inspired concert. It's a shame if he doesn't take advantage of such an opportunity because he's got a primo chance to give Spinal Tap the proper billing at a theme park concert they always deserved to have.

So a lot of his party plans are still up in the air. The one thing he's sure of is the great deal of interest in making his latest dream party a reality. He credited it to his announcement post on Facebook, which got more than 1,000 likes in less than eight hours.

"If my friends and followers alone like the idea 1200+ times on Facebook," Guynes wrote, "the rest of DFW will have a similar interest I would assume."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.