For Love of the Game

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"I'm still the beaver," he says. "I've still got to build a dam. I'm still feeling like I want to make the next great movie if I can, and I won't go off and make something that I don't think makes sense to me. I don't know that this is the best career move, to go make a western, but I feel really good about the story. I feel really good about the movie experience. I want my relationship with myself, with an audience, to be an honest one. I really wanted to make this one. This wasn't a move to get back into some station or whatever. It's what I wanted to make, and there's room for everything. What I hope is, when I don't want to do this, I will stop. That's what I really hope. That I won't linger because the money exists."

And how will he know when that moment arrives?

"I know," he says, smiling at last.

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