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Forever Single? Audition for 'The Bachelor'

Bringing shame to your family is easy, but if you want to permanently sever those trust bonds, use reality television. Let them watch uncomfortably as you aggressively fondle a stranger in a hot tub -- on prime time. Congratulations! No more annoying holiday newsletters. You are officially excommunicated. (Another upside? An end to those Facebook Farmville requests from your second aunt.)

Auditions for The Bachelor are coming to Dallas. They're looking for that one special guy who strives to be the nucleus of catty girl struggle, but also for the pack of supple ladies who believe that "forever" is best left to casting directors and who probably have modelling careers to promote. If you'll do anything to win a rose -- I mean, find your soul mate, show up at WFAA/ABC Victory Park Studios (3030 Olive Street, #101) on Wednesday, June 13 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Get a jump on things by filling out an online application and sending in photos/videos here.

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Jamie Laughlin
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