Forever Single? Want to See The xx? Win Tickets, Find Love in The Granada's XX Dating Game.

Listen, I understand where you're at. First, you were emotionally mugged while stumbling down love's path.

Then, those tickets to see The xx -- the ones you planned to buy when your paycheck cleared -- sold out.

Now you're staring down the barrel of a rather unremarkable Valentine's Day, planning a four course meal for your goldfish who, let's face it, talks a lot of shit about you when you aren't around.


The terribly kind -- or at least highly mischievous -- folks of the Granada Theater have arranged a special visit from Cupid, and it might just solve all of your problems in one, tidy sitting. Designed loosely as Singled Out meets The Dating Game, and hosted by local comedian Chelsea Hood and Mavs ManiAACs dancer Drew Lyons, this game show unites Dallas' ticketless and unlaid for a shot at romance, a wristband to see The xx and -- wait for it -- drink coupons.

Yes! The XX Dating Game, happening on Sunday, February 10th at the Sundown at Granada, lets eight lucky singles duke it out for a shot at romance, rock 'n' roll and minor peer group fame. You should enter. It's easy to do, just email the Granada (management@granadatheater.com) with the subject line The XX Dating Game, and tell them a few, simple things: 1.) What night you want to see The xx 2.) Why you want to be on The Dating Game 3.) A link to your Facebook page 4.) What you're seeking in an ideal date 5.) And, your favorite song by The xx

They'll play matchmaker and pick the contestants. Then, we'll all cheer you on and hope that you meet someone truly bang-worthy. Good luck!

*** Registration ends on Friday, February 1

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