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Former Dallas Mavericks Dancer to Appear On Bravo Show, Watch Out for Fraternizing

If you ever wanted a peek inside the lives of mountain lodge workers, Bravo has just the show. Introducing Timber Creek Lodge: a show about white people working in a lodge named Timber Creek Lodge in Canada.

There’s a former Dallas Mavericks dancer on staff who tells the camera during the first episode that she was kicked off the squad for fraternizing with the players.

However, when we talked to Jenna Gillund, we got a slightly different story.

“OK, so I don’t really want to go too much into detail with it,” Gillund tells us. “I made the team in 2009 and I was with them for three years. We all have fun. I by no means was kicked off the team. I finished the season, but we had won the championship and it was the right time for me to go, so I just didn’t return the next year.”

When we reached out to the Dallas Mavericks, Erin Finegold, director of corporate communications and events, worded things a little bit differently.

“Jenna was a Mavs Dancer from 2009-2011 and completed both seasons,” Finegold told us in an email. “She tried out again for the 2013-2014 season but did not make the squad. She was never kicked off of a squad.”

Gillund tells us she didn’t date any of the players, she was just seen out with a few. “We all practice and work together and a lot of the cheerleaders become friends with the players," she says. "It’s a work environment, and we’re all friends. I wasn’t dating anybody. A lot of people see things or you’ll be out with a group of people and they’ll assume things, but none of it is true."

Whether the fraternizing storyline was added for drama or not, Timber Creek Lodge is about as exciting as you would expect it to be. Gillund’s job in the lodge is housekeeping. She says she applied for the job after dental assisting for a few years in Los Angeles. She did know the job was part of a TV show, but assures us it involved a serious application process, which included sending in “all my resumes.”

“Why not,” she says about taking the job. “It’s in Canada. It just seemed like a really cool job, so I took it.”

Her fellow staff members and lodge workers and hopeful TV stars are Colston, a VIP mountain host, Cynthia, also a VIP mountain host, Mark, the senior VIP mountain host, Katy, lodge manager, Jamie, assistant lodge manager, Louise, head of housekeeping, and Nikita, the chef.

During our sneak peek of the first episode, we see Gillund already slacking on her housekeeping duties by not cleaning up puke from one of the lodge guests, who happens to be a solider. And because Gillund will be Gillund, she’s also up to her old ways and "fraternizing." She flirts with a co-worker by “throwing him a bone” and also talks a lot in third person.

“No boss has ever encouraged me to party with anybody, but Jenna is excited she gets to hang out with these cute soldiers," she says. "Jenna likes to party.”

 See Dallas’ own Gillund party and fraternize and talk in third person at 9 p.m. Dec. 5 on Bravo.
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