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Fort Worth Couple Is Royalty — White Castle Royalty

Nothing says love like getting married in a burger joint.
Nothing says love like getting married in a burger joint. courtesy of Adam Mandel and Whitney Wicker

Move over, Meghan Markle. there’s a new royal couple in town.

Fort Worth couple Adam Mandel and Whitney Wicker were the grand prize winners of a “royal wedding contest” from White Castle. Yes, the burger joint. Because nothing says happily ever after like a stack of sliders — at least, according to Mandel.

“Adam is thrilled,” Wicker says. “This is the dream come true he didn’t even know he wanted.”

Of the two of them, Mandel is the Craver. (For the Texans in the back, that’s what superfans of White Castle call themselves. The obsession is real.) Wicker had never eaten at White Castle until the couple started dating in 2011. Mandel hails from Queens, New York, and he grew up eating White Castle’s famous sliders. “I’ve been eating White Castle for as long as I can remember,” Mandel says. “Every time I eat it, it’s like I’m 5 years old again.”

Although Mandel introduced Wicker to White Castle, it was actually Wicker who applied for the wedding giveaway.

They went to White Castle right after Mandel proposed in July 2017. While Mandel was ordering, Wicker — who was wearing jean shorts and a white top because royals are just like us — saw a sign-up for the giveaway and entered the contest, emphasizing that they were eating at White Castle right after their engagement.

Wicker didn’t expect to win. “I saw it right after we got engaged and thought it was a little ironic,” she remembers. “I figured, ‘What are the odds? Why not?’”

“This is the dream come true he didn’t even know he wanted.”

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She didn’t even tell Mandel that she applied until she received an email saying they were among the finalists. Shortly after, they learned that they would be treated to a “royal weekend,” complete with a rehearsal, ceremony, reception, décor, and of course, White Castle cuisine based off their favorite menu items.

On top of that — this is Wicker’s favorite part — White Castle is also sending the couple to Belgium for a five-night honeymoon in August, where the newlyweds will experience a real castle.

Mandel and Wicker are not the first couple to get married at a White Castle. Far from it. There have been dozens weddings at White Castle restaurants across the nation; however, they are the first couple to win an all-expense paid wedding from the chain. Whether or not hosting royal weddings will become a trend for the restaurant is yet to be determined.

Their wedding will take place at the White Castle on the Vegas Strip. If you’ve been waiting for an invite to a royal wedding, this might be your chance — although Mandel and Wicker’s wedding is March 11, so if you haven’t already received an invite, you’re probably out of luck. Sorry.
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