Freaks Show

There's a moment in Fearless Freaks, Bradley Beesley's fine 2005 documentary about the Flaming Lips, when Lips' multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd allows Beesley to film him shooting heroin. It's a conflicted moment, part truly sad—it's clear Drozd is resigned to his addiction—and also, truth be told, somewhat romantic, in that tragic, tortured-genius sort of way. The same conflict applies to the lives of the Lips themselves, and capturing the beauty and tragedy of the band is what Beesley does best. The film does much to explain why the members of the Lips are the way they are, both as individuals and as a band—their weirdness as adults explained by Beesley's recounting of childhoods filled with alcoholics, suicides and bloody, violent front-lawn football games. As a friend of head Lip Wayne Coyne, Beesley was allowed expansive access to the group and their history, and the result transcends the rock-doc genre. Fearless Freaks will be shown as part of the AllGood Café's (2934 Main St.) Rock 'n' Reel series at 9 p.m. Wednesday. Call 214-742-5362.
Wed., Jan. 24, 9 p.m.
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Jonanna Widner
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