Free Party Tonight With Tattoos, TUACA and Pompadours Galore!

I'll admit that I was terrified when I misread the email. Tonight, Trees is hosting a libationally liberal event called the Drinks & Ink Tour, sponsored by TUACA liquor and featuring LA Ink's master tattoo artist Corey Miller. My mind went to the worst and most incorrect place first: free booze plus tattooing? Someone, most likely me, is going to wake up Tuesday morning with a poorly planned, highly intoxicated, tattoo decision. Again.

Drinks & Ink organizers wouldn't dream of letting that happen. Nope, this is a class affair. The closest you'll get to "forever art" at this party is an airbrush or henna tattoo before the event gets rolling. For those who have already acquired a lifelong collection of skin art, let it pay off for you tonight at the massive tattoo contest. A VIP panel of judges will lend a critical eye to that Back To The Future sleeve of yours, and if it's deemed best of show, you'll be rewarded with riches (free booze goodies and ink time.)

Is it possible that your tattoos aren't "showcase worthy?" That's okay, it's happened to all of us. You don't have to flex a champion collection of skin art to enjoy this free party; everyone attending gets two (!!!) complimentary drink tickets for TUACA cocktails and a free show. That's right, like all hot guys covered in tattoos with liquor sponsorships, Corey Miller has a band. His rockabilly-tough, surf-friendly crew, Powerflex 5, is combing an extra coat of pomade through its hair and tightening up the bass strings, all so that you can shake a tail feather, on the house.

This event is completely free, but you've got to be 21 or older to attend. RSVP here for your free ticket.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.