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Free Stuff: Yoga and Outdoor Movies for Memorial Day Weekend

Let those wild crazy kids fest do keg stands this weekend, you'd rather take it easy. Well Tiger, you should scoot over to Fair Park, that's where the City Arts Festival holds court through Sunday. With a throwback theme to car culture, this year's fest features two complimentary outdoor flicks.

Tonight, ease into your weekend with George Lucas' classic cruising/coming of age movie, American Graffiti. (Any excuse to see Shirley Feeney -- I mean, Cindy Williams, is alright by me.) Return on Saturday for part two when City Arts Festival gets all hand jive-y with a screening of Grease. Both begin at 9 p.m. on the grassy plot adjacent to the Museum of Nature and Science Building and both are entirely free. (The sock hop is also complimentary and runs from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. each night.)

By Monday you'll need to stretch, refocus and channel your energy for the upcoming week -- or just sweat out your hangover. You're in luck. May 28th is Free Yoga Day at Sunstone Yoga's many locations meaning you can lengthen your spine all over this darn town. Here's a quick schedule of locations and class times. It's all free.

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Jamie Laughlin
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