"Friday Night Lights" Stars Read Football Stories, Tonight at Texas Bound

Literature doesn't have an off-season, so ride the "Friday Night Lights" momentum at the DMA program, Texas Bound. Tonight's edition of the speaker series will borrow two of the show's MVPs: Brad Leland, who not only played Buddy Garrity on the show but who also threw a few Texas footballs in his prime, will read T. C. Boyle's short story "56-0." Also of "Light's" fame (as well as DSO's and Second Thought Theater's), actor, writer and Baylor grad Steven Walters who played Glenn Reed on the program will present Sarah Vowell's "Music Lessons."

Sadly, we won't be seeing our favorite coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler); he had to cancel due to a family emergency. That means some lucky young kid will suit up and play in tonight's big game and read Robert McBrearty's "Silence."

Mix up your nerdy self and sporty self tonight at 7:30 pm in the Horchow Auditorium. Tickets range $15 to $37.

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