Get Baked the Easy Way with Schoolclass' Free Instruction

It's Gourmet Easy Bake Oven Night at schoolclass in Oak Cliff. Remember that little fire hazard? The one that made those dough-y hunks of shit? Yeah, that one! Well tonight, a real live caterer/baker/person who knows how to use an actual oven will be teaching a class featuring actual edible things cooked on a light bulb. The class description promises "soufflé and flan." Nibble on that, bitches. Since the class is $0 to attend I'm guessing this is more of a demonstration than a hands-on experience. Close your eyes and pretend you're at the Dairy Tent at the State Fair! Or don't because being in the schoolclass store front on Davis is way cooler. It just is. Long story short, only 16 pupils can attend and there are currently three seats left so you better register now. If you log on and it's full, reach out to at facebook.com/SchoolClass and tell him I'm willing to split a seat. I can't see anyone turning that down. Fair warning: I'm a butt sweat-er.

Class begins at 7:30 p.m. and runs until 8:15 p.m. TONIGHT at schoolclass, 1222 W. Davis St. Sign up right here.

Care to hear more about this schoolclass sensation? Keep reading. Here's my Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack theory on the rising popularity of all these classes. As we all know, there's a DIY movement sweeping the universe. The trouble is, we're finally figuring out that we all suck and have no idea what we're doing.

Let's face it, YouTube tutorials can only take us so far. They're fine for cutting bangs, but for flawlessly executing a Jell-O mold? Not so much. So schoolclass, Oil & Cotton, We Are 1976 and all these other ridiculously talented rascals figured out there is a need for hands-on instruction and the occasional knuckle slap. While every one of the above institutions literally rocks my socks off, schoolclass is the only one that's currently doing it for free. Like all the classes available are free. And if you have a unique skillset, you can sign up to be an instructor -- there's even a link for that, and for the love of God, can someone please teach me how to flawlessly execute a Jell-O mold? Past classes have included "5 Different Ways to Hold a Toothbrush" and "Stud Your Muffin," a denim bedazzling show and tell.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.