Get Excited: Art Con 9 Announced its 2013 Participating Artists

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The activists have been working in their secret lair, drafting final details for Art Con 9. We don't know the precise location of said war room, but imagine it to be a well-appointed Batcave, complete with remote-controlled giant rock entry.

They're artists, after all. They understand how to complete "a look."

This transmission just arrived via falcon, inked on handmade paper. And when the lengthy scroll was unrolled, Observer staffers chucked their stagnant coffee cups and did this. Because holy crap, 170 of you are contributing work.

Art Con 9 benefits the My Possibilites CREATE art program, so in addition to the usual high-energy auctions, this Con includes a few submissions by those wonderful My Possibilities participants. Add on DJ sets by local favs Sarah Jaffe and Empty Cylinder, and live music by Zhora and New Fumes, and November 16 is shaping up to be one tremendous night in Dallas.

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More than 300 entry requests were submitted, with a random drawing held to thin it out. There are old names. New names. And even some young names -- like 12-year-old Kate Langley, who's stepping up and creating an auction piece for the event.

Here's the full list:
Ray Albarez, Brad Albright, Terry Allen, Heather Alley, Diana Almand, Leighton Autrey, Cheryl Baker, Steven Barker, Mathew Barnes, Lacy Barnett-Cagle, Leanna Bates, Rachel Behring, Mike Beitler, Gina Benson, Chris Bingham, Cabe Booth, Colleen Borsh, Michael Broussard, Travis Bush, Carissa Byers, Christine Carey, Tom Carlton, Michael Carter, Jim Clement, Kelly Clemons, Virginia Cline, Cathryn Colcer, Dan Colcer, Jeff Corkran, Alfie Coy, Cykochik, Jon Cypriano, Amber Davis, Marcie Dodd, Marti DuBuisson, Jo Dufo, Melissa Ellis, Ashley-Dixie Evans, Angela Faz, Karla Garcia, Philip Garner, Corey Godfrey, John Gonzales, Randy Gonzales, Essie Graham, Kurt Griesbach, Heather Griffin, David Grinnell, Gabbe Grodin, Brian Hamm, Elizabeth Hatfield, Ross High, Montanna Honeycutt, Susan Hubenthal, Juli Hulcy, Amber Hyatt, In Cooperation With Muscle Nation, Cigi Ingram, Sonia Isaguirre, Jason Janik, Chelsea Jaramillo, Owen Jones, Matt Kaplinsky, Tania Kaufmann, Cole Keeton, Nick Kirk, Barry Kooda, Daniel Kusner, Doug Land, Kate Langley, Joanna Lawson, Breonny Lee, Amanda Lewis, Lisa Lindholm, Sara Lovas, Gretchen Luedtke, Jaime Luna, Kate Mackley, Kristi Madden, Scott Mankoff, Christa McCall, Marcus McCoy, Patrick McDonnell, Margaret McDowell, Aralyn McGregor, Dana McGuire, Christeen McKinney, Austin McKinney, Jon McKnight, Tanya Meurer, Cathey Miller, Margo Miller, Emma Miller, Christian Millet, Shoby Modjarrad, Lara Moffat, Monica Moody, Misty Moore, Nicole Morrow, David Motter, My Possibilities, Brian Nadurak, Greg Needel, Victoria Neidell, Melia Newman, Amanda Norman, Jayme Nourallah, Rachel Obranovich, Caroline Oliver, Carolina Orozco, Benjamin Painter, Carol Parks, Travis Pavlica, Betty Peck, Daniel Perez, Judith Perkins, Jason Hill Peterson, Jody Pham, Alfredo Piña, Mattson Plummer, POP Art Class, Jennifer Portz, Pure Cane Sugar, Pamela Rabin, Sully Ridout, Antimere Robinson, David Rodriguez, Misty Rodriguez, Danny Rose, Richard Ross, Benjamin Rush, Julia Schloss, Jessica Schmidt, Gina Schmuck, Clint Scism, Kasten Searles, Paul Semrad, Eva Semrad, Jiri Semrad, Molly Sharp, Jeff Shaw, Janan Siam, Susan K. Simpson, Jeff Skele, Robin Michael Smith, Megan Smith, Lisa Smith, Michael Sowieck, Hampton Mills, Rachel Stephens, Alex Stock, Kelly Sulak, Kris Swenson, Allison Teeples, Brian Thibodeau, Andrew Tolentino, Alejandro Trevino, Megan Van Groll, Moises Vega, Vanessa Velasquez, Todd Walthall, James Warton, April Wenzel, Jared White, Scott Winterrowd, Harmony Witte, Betsy Wolcott, John Worley, Herb Wright, Amy Wynne, Frances Yllana,

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.