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I'll admit that thanks to the perfection that is Top Gear (that they'd ever try that show in America is a travesty, by the by) and to my car-loving beau, I've learned a bit about the high-octane world of four-wheel competitions. But after having seen televised versions of races far and wide, I'm more of a rally girl and F-1 slut. I'll take the (late) Colins and Lewises over the Dales and Jeffs of the racing world any day, but that doesn't mean I'm knocking their ability to drive the hell out of a car. NASCAR is a powerful force in the world of fan-followed and sponsored sports, and therefore, its drivers are under constant scrutiny and extreme pressure. Some knock NASCAR races for basically testing one's skill of driving in repeated ovals, but, sheesh, walking would be difficult for me if that many people were watching and that much money was on the table. Nevertheless, I'm leaving the Samsung 500 Weekend at Texas Motor Speedway (Qualifying Day for Nationwide Series on Thursday, Sprint Cup Series on Friday, Nationwide Series O'Reilly 300 on Saturday, Samsung 500 on Sunday) to you true fans, while I nestle into the couch to shop online for new Honda floor mats while watching a recorded marathon of the Hamster, Jezza and Captain Slow. Individual tickets are $25 to $135 depending on the event. Call 817-215-8500 or visit
April 2-5, 2009
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