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It would be wrong to find it funny that a theater festival called "Out of the Loop" will be held in Addison this week. Wherefore? Because it's not merely funny. It's also incredibly appropriate that anything involving being out of a loop takes place not only north of the Interstate 635 loop, but in the world capital of all that is tacky, prefabricated and generally removed from things good and holy. There is none more out of the loop than Addison. The 2008 Out of the Loop Festival is the seventh annual such event. Attendees can check out plays in various genres, ranging from Dixie's Tupperware Party (about an Alabama woman with dreams of making it big on plastic containers) to Blackbird (about an unexpected meeting between two former lovers) to a lovely sounding little show called I Wish You Would Just Get the Hell Out of My Life, You Sorry Motherfucker: Reflections on Love and Romance. Definitely bring the kids to that one. If you're already taking 'em to Addison, they're scarred for life anyway. Emmy-nominated Scrubs writer Debra Fordham will instruct a playwriting workshop. The festival runs Thursday to March 16 at the WaterTower Theatre, 15650 Addison Road in Addison. Festival passes are $50, and a schedule and individual tickets are available online. Visit
March 6-16, 2008
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Andrea Grimes
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