Get Ready, Dallas VideoFest Is Coming!

These days Dallas is a place with quite a few film festivals, which gives movie lovers a variety to choose from and a chance to see original, shoe-string budgeted films they may not see anywhere else. In short, Dallas is just getting more awesome.

Coming up is the 28th annual Dallas VideoFest, and festival director Bart Weiss and his fabulous team have just announced the full lineup. This is the underdog of all the festivals we have in DFW, so it’s pretty important that you attend. Plus, Weiss is a man who, to put it bluntly, knows his shit. He’s well respected by film critics, filmmakers and those big, bad famous people in Hollywood.

Dallas VideoFest 28 will be screening over 100 titles — short and feature-length — and 24 of those selections are from female filmmakers. You know how we feel about brilliant women.

The festival starts Tuesday, October 12, and runs through the 18th. We’ve seen a healthy chunk and here are six we recommend: Christopher Bell’s The Winds That Scatter is an absolute must-see; Maestro Fritz Lang’s 1927 magnum opus Metropolis (which will have a new, live score performed by the Dallas Chamber Symphony; 3-D RaritiesThe Black Panthers: Vanguard of the RevolutionKrisha; and (T)error. The last two have garnered so much buzz, don’t be surprised if either/both nab a Golden Globe or Oscar nomination.

For the full lineup, head on over to VideoFest’s Prekindle page. 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.