Get Wacked

When I see movie trailers, I usually have one of the following reactions:
-"Never, no matter how desperate for entertainment I am, will I see that fucking movie."
-"Pretty sure I can skip that one."
-"Yeah, I'll see that."
-"I wish I was about to see that instead of the movie I came to see!"
The trailer for The Wackness elicited the last in the list, and I have been looking forward to it ever since. I mean, what could be better than Ben Kingsley smoking weed? Well, how about Ben Kingsley smoking weed to a '90s hip-hop soundtrack? This Sundance Audience Award winner from All the Boys Love Mandy Lane director Jonathan Levine features Kingsley as a pothead psychiatrist and Josh Peck (Drake and Josh) as his teenage, pot-dealing patient. They form an unlikely friendship, finding common ground in their damaged psyches and the streets of New York. This is a coming-of-age story about life at the dawn of the Giuliani era. Also starring hipster darling Olivia Thirlby (Juno) as Kingsley's step-daughter/Peck's love interest, Famke Janssen, Mary-Kate Olsen and Method Man, The Wackness screens Friday through Sunday as part of the Magnolia at The Modern series at Fort Worth Modern. Visit
July 25-27, 2008
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Katey Margolis