Givin' Him Somethin' He Can Feel

Women learn the art of burlesque for many different reasons. For the highly extroverted it’s an opportunity to ooze sexuality and humor on stage. For the admittedly awkward and sheepish, it’s a chance to pull that emotional ripcord and loosen the hell up. Also it’s a chance to work out without ever having to enter one of those terrible, sweaty-looking cross-fit studios. Instead, you can wear glittery outfits and flirt and call it exercise, which is exactly what your 10-year old self imagined grown-up life would be like. Over at Ruby Room Studios (4118 Commerce St., #102), the gals of burlesque troupe The Ruby Revue teach the art of tease, but here’s the deal: Nobody starts out spinning in a giant martini glass like Dita Von Teese. You have to learn how to manipulate your body. Why not sign up for Burlesque Basics, an introductory how-to that is a prerequisite for other fun classes, like Striptease Techniques and Bumps & Grinds? Basics is a four-week course that meets at 9 p.m. Monday nights. Maybe you’ll learn how to do that sexy glove peel from the En Vogue video. The four class series costs $75, but you’ll make it back in tips from your boyfriend. Visit
Mon., July 2, 9 p.m., 2012
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Jamie Laughlin
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