Go Swank: Free Screenings of Mad Men Season 5 And Vintage Clothing Giveaways, Each Sunday At The Angelika

Those excavators of fallen frocks over at the Vintagemobile have rotary-dialed the Angelika Theater and planned a date. Beginning this Sunday you can plummet into the soulless sinkhole of Don Draper's eyes enhanced by a hundred when the Angelika presents Mad Men Season 5 on the big screen.

There will be a couple hundred dollars worth of gift card giveaways by our favorite wheelers and dealers, the Vintagemobile, who will be returning weekly with more time-period freebies. Snatch up enough hand-outs and splurge on that perfect '60s secretary cardigan or tail-tightening pencil skirt as an homage to Joan. The vehicle itself will not be on hand, so you won't be tempted to blow all of your cash after soaking in the Mad Men aesthetic.

Drinks will be abundant. The cocktails and their prices haven't been finalized, but some lovely words were whispered in our ear: "Martini. Scotch rocks. Gin. Cape Cod." Let Draper choose between sobriety and deeper retreat into alcoholism -- you can clink your ice and take a slow, thoughtful sip. Then, order another. Sadly, there will be no smoking in the theater.

This Sunday's premier begins at 8 and runs until 10 p.m., but future episodes will air at 9 p.m.; it is advised that you arrive early. The Angelika will be dedicating its two largest theaters to the free, weekly event, but if its recent Walking Dead premier was any indicator, both will fill quickly.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.