Go West For Fortune, Fame And Rock

Frank Lopez has a gift. His work with ambrotype and pinhole imagery provides hauntingly intimate portraits that feel like they should be hanging in the world’s coolest castle, mounted in giant cameo frames. He’s one of 10 artists you’ll get to gawk over during Saturday’s Go West Fest — a celebration of art and music tempting enough to lure even the biggest agoraphobe out of his 'hood and over the river. Lucy Kirkman and Justin Hunter Allen, curators of Dallas’ newest gallery project, DFTU (the “F” stands for fuck!) are adding to the visual side of the day's events, with a little help from performance artists Slik Stockings. Learn how they bring the jams on the west side of town when Corey Howe and the Dead Flowers, Somebody's Darling, and Home by Hovercraft barely crack the surface of the all-day affair. (They'll be joined by seven other bands.) It's happening at The Nest (425 Bedford St.). Get the full line-up and buy a ticket ($15 presale, $20 at the gate) at gowestfest.com.
Sat., April 7, 2012

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