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Golden Queen's Commando Takes Out The Trash

It happens every Tuesday night at Texas Theatre: The cinematic garbage disposal gets all jammed up. Some brave soul then must plunge his fist in to find the source of the rattle -- please don't flip the switch during this delicate time. The slimy disturbance could be anything -- a blouse-ripping Italian cop flick from the '70s, or a screwball '80s sex comedy -- the common thread being that these films will not go silently into that still night. They demand another screening or they will haunt your ass.

Tonight's edition of Tuesday Night Trash is Golden Queen's Commando, a lady-centric, kung-fu whacking, 1982 Choose Your Own Adventure of plotlines by exploitation master director Yen-ping Chu. By the film's end, its cast of gritty, grifting women have morphed from WWII prison inmates to horse-riding spaghetti western cowgirls, to low-budget Bond women. This film truly has it all. What's that? Rents due and you're left with twice-scavenged couch coins? Tuesday Night Trash is completely free, starts at 9 p.m., and has drink specials. Get it. Texas Theatre is located at 231 W. Jefferson Boulevard. Visit

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Jamie Laughlin
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