Good/Bad Art Collective Will to Glue You to the Boob Tube for Nasher XChange

A lot of us get nostalgic when we hear the words "Good/Bad Art Collective."

Back in Denton in the nineties (Yeah, I just said that.), it seemed there was always an Art vs. Rock, a fundraiser, a pop-up event before anyone said "pop-up", or some weird interactive experiment at The Argo being pushed to the surface by the group. They made art a multivitamin. A visual chaser to the live music we chugged. They crushed it up an hid it in the party pudding: We only felt the effects after it was ingested. It was subversive, inviting and unpretentious.

Then, it went away.

After a ten year hiatus, a New York split-off and probably a lot of beers downed, Good/Bad returns as one of two locals (the other is Vicki Meek) tapped to build public art for Nasher XChange. On Friday it announced its plan, CURTAINS, will play out at Bryan Tower, a 40-story downtown office building. It'll be a one-night-only main affair -- appropriate for a group known for creating fleeting, "you had to be there" events.

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It's the first XChange project to infuse new media and technology in its delivery, and will be designed as a 28-minute infomercial in "a newly created television studio on an empty floor of Bryan Tower," running on opening night, Saturday, October 19.

According to press materials:

Attendees will be given the opportunity to participate in the filming of the infomercial. Visitors throughout the run of XChange will be able to walk the space in which the infomercial was filmed and see sculptural elements used as props during the opening and in the finished infomercial, as well as select edits of video documenting the one-night event. The finished infomercial will be broadcast on late night and early morning television timeslots in local, regional, and national markets.

Sorry dudes, Netflix ain't got this.

The exhibition is meant to explore ideas of viewership and interaction, plus: maybe they'll get to wear cool toupees and funny mustaches. Who doesn't love those?


Good/Bad's is the sixth announced Nasher Xchange project. So far we've seen

Alfredo Jaar's plan

to build a baby scream pavilion at the Nasher. Up in Vickery Meadow,

Rick Lowe is at work

to unite a disjointed neighborhood through cultural cross-pollination and pop-up public markets; at the site of UT Dallas' new ATEC building, where a shared art and technology curriculum launches in 2014, Liz Larner will install a mirror-polished steel sculpture representative of the merged practices; Swedish-raised artist Ugo Rondinone has chosen to build a simple pier into Fish Trap Lake and paint it brilliantly, luring visitors out for unadulterated reflection; and Ruben Ochoa will build from the Trinity River Audubon's own soil to create a series of construction site mounds reminiscent of birds in formation.

Nasher Xchange runs from October 19, 2013 to February 16, 2014.

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