Good Night, Ladies!

If there were ever a movie that should be adapted into a Broadway play, it's Thelma and Louise. Think about it: The Dixie Chicks could provide a rollicking soundtrack by writing songs in the vein of their hit, "Goodbye Earl"; Daniel Radcliffe could take a break from getting naked with horses on Broadway and just go shirtless by taking on the Brad Pitt role; and the limitations of the stage would make the suicide scene at the end impossible, thereby preserving the girl-power message of the story and not making it a total cop-out. That's my vision of it anyway. Fictional off-Broadway producer Martin Klemmer has an even grander vision of Thelma and Louise: The Musical. He sees nobody but divas Sylvia Glenn and Leatrice Monsee in the parts of our rebel heroines, but the two stars can't stand the sight of each other. This is the premise of the Uptown Player's latest production, Legends, as the hapless Klemmer tries every trick in the book to bring these two starlets together for what will surely be his Broadway piece de resistance. Actors Coy Covington and BJ Cleveland vamp it up as the cat-fighting ladies in this comedy, which runs Thursdays to Sundays through November 2 at KD Studio Theatre, 2600 Stemmons Freeway. Tickets are $22 to $55. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: Oct. 17. Continues through Nov. 2, 2008
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Jennifer Elaine-Davis

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