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Good Well Hunting: Introducing Promised Land, the Fracking Flick by Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon

That there's the recently released trailer for Promised Land, the first mainstream entry into the hopefully thin canon of Fracking Movies, which will of course garner a little more scrutiny on the Barnett Shale.

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The movie, out early next year, was penned by The Office's John Krasinski, championed by Matt Damon and directed by Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, Milk), and it stars Krasinski and Damon as frackemies.

It appears to tackle many of the issues debated by Dallas and its suburbs in recent years, only Damon and Krasinski's characters tackle it at the bar with pitchers of beer and a sneaky hot actress I can't place, while Dallas tackles it in grainy City Council footage I pretend to watch while setting my fantasy football team.

Plus, the movie has Hal Holbrook. If Hal Holbrook started dropping wisdom at Council, I'd be all in.

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