Great Scot...Land!

Scottish folk who live in Dallas must get annoyed on a frequent basis. Every time their cultural heritage comes up, someone surely makes a jab about Highland Park's choice of "Fighting Scots" as a team name for all of their sports clubs—football, tennis, even golf. Strange that the most conservative, well-to-do sector of the metroplex associates itself with a country known for rebellion, revolution and ugly dudes like Sir William Wallace slaying oppressive nobles; stranger that such a name is based on a cultural identity (why does "HP Scots" sound fine but "McKinney Turks" sound horrible?). Local Scottish citizens should rise up and throw off their Parkie oppressors. A good spot to gather troops for such a battle might be Saturday's Tartan Day Ceilidh (a Celtic word for "celebration") at the Winfrey Point House, situated on the east side of White Rock Lake. In honor of the national Scot-loving holiday, the Scottish Society of Dallas will throw a big to-do starting at 1 p.m. with Celtic music from local acts Seamus Stout and Caledonia Pipes and Drums. KLUV-98.7 FM morning show host Jody Dean will host. Entry is $5. Call 214-435-0488.
Sat., April 1, 1 p.m.
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sam Machkovech