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Great Scott! What is this mysterious Back To The Future viral video?

A mysterious video sped onto the Internets over over the weekend, leaving nothing but flame trails and questions about its origins soon after it went viral. The video's title: El DeLorean de Volver al Futuro en Cabildo y Juramento, which roughly translates to "This is heavy duty, Doc."

Seeing as how I haven't taken a Spanish class since girls made me nervous, I thought I'd better take a look at Google Translate just to double check my work, only to find that the title in fact translates to "The DeLorean from Back to the Future in Cabildo and Juramento." (Cabildo and Juramento are cross streets in Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Seen in the video in question (after the jump) -- a twenty-something Argentinean girl and boy standing on a deserted street at night conversing. The girl is talking. The boy is filming. And then...well let's just say you see some serious shit.

The video description translated into English:

"This is the HD video in the DeLorean in Cabildo and Oath (FINAL COMPLETE VERSION). It's full participation of all Christopher Lloyd ("DOC", Emmet Brown). It was shot earlier today in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I share it with everyone because I had a hard time finding it. The other versions are not in this capacity and are not full versions. Seeing that we could imagine a Back To The Future IV. Will there be another one?"

As you probably noticed, the video unfortunately cuts off before we find out its conclusion or purpose for existing. So many questions! What is Doc Brown doing in the year 2011? Why is he in Argentina? And what is it that makes him say "What is this?" Is this some sort of found footage-style trailer for something new in the BTTF canon? A sequel to this year's Back to the Future: The Game perhaps or maybe even a new Universal Studios ride?

Probably not.

In all likelihood, the video is some type of celebrity-endorsed international commercial* trying to bank on Back To The Future's good name (many believe it is for Garbarino, the electronics store that the DeLorean comes to a screening halt in and that Doc stands in front of). Makes sense...wouldn't be the first time.

Regardless of the intention, the video does do something for me -- a die hard Back to the Future fan. It makes me smile at the sheer sight of seeing Doc Brown back on the screen and in the DeLorean. It also causes the inevitable; to entertain ideas of a new, fourth installment into the time travelin' trilogy. Part of me would be ecstatic over that.

That's the part that would love to see the further adventures of Doc & Marty, that would love to see those characters together again traveling through time and getting into trouble. But the other part of me -- the latter part that would kick the former part's ass -- knows that the original, pristine trilogy should remain untouched and intact.

Maybe I need to remind you of three years ago (since we've all wiped it from our collective consciousness) when a little film titled Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was released. Remember what happened when we opened our hearts back up to Indiana Jones? He took a giant monkey poop on it.

So watch this BTTF-themed video. Have fun watching it. Just don't get carried away with your nostalgia like the butthead in me did. And should the inevitable happen -- that they announce a green light on a BTTF remake entitled Bieber To The Future -- well, I'll be ready to make like a tree and get out of here.


*Here's a bystander's video from that night that claims it's a commercial and even caught some behind-the-scenes footage of the production.

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