These murals will soon be gone.EXPAND
These murals will soon be gone.
Narciso Tovar and Radical Hospitality

'Everything We Do Is Temporary': Annual Mural Project Finds Value in Short-Term Art

In a few days, murals that stain the walls surrounding the roof of LSA Burger Co. in Denton will be scrubbed, leaving a blank slate for artists to come. The only evidence they were there lies with those who captured them in pictures, video or memories. But this is not the first time these makeshift canvases have been wiped clean, and the turnaround for new pieces is anything but slow.

“I think if we were all to be honest, everything we do is temporary to some degree,” says mural artist Dan Black. “Sometimes, something’s more valuable because it’s temporary and you have a limited opportunity to enjoy it.”

For the third year in a row, LSA Burger, in collaboration with the Greater Denton Arts Council, will host its Annual Mural Art Project. For two days starting Friday, six artists curated by GDAC will have the opportunity to replace the murals marked on the walls the year before.

“It’s a collaboration between ourselves and the folks over at the [GDAC] to highlight and showcase all the great artists that are in the metroplex,” says Narciso Tovar, head of marketing and public relations for Radical Hospitality Group. “The whole premise behind it is to provide a great venue and a great event to kind of showcase who these people are.”

The coordinators of the event champion a lack of guidelines or limitations put on the artists constructing the new murals. All they ask is that the art is family friendly, Tovar says.

“I’ve been doing large-scale work for about 23 years," says Erika Tolbert, an artist participating in the project. "In commercial spaces, you’re usually restricted quite a bit. For this mural, they kind of wanted everyone to do their own thing. It is nice to have complete creative freedom on a space.”

Black, who has been participating in the event since the first year it took place, says it was a big step for him to realize that something temporary can still have importance. His piece this year will be about adoption and is influenced by a friend who recently adopted a child. There to assist him will be the adopted child’s new family and a few local art students.

“One of the things that’s cool about giving an artist freedom in painting a mural is you’re definitely going to capture a screenshot of their journey,” Black says.

On Saturday, LSA Burger will have live music, food and drinks to celebrate the new murals. The pieces will be up for a year until the next batch of artists comes through to replace them.

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