Griddle Games

Hey, how are you? Good. I'm fine. Thanks for asking. So what are you doing Saturday night? Going out, huh? Dinner and drinks with friends. Sounds cool. Real cool. But you and I both know you're lying through your dirty, lying liar teeth. I know and you know that you're not going anywhere. You're going to plant your ass on the futon and play Xbox until the sun comes up or your eyes fall out, whichever comes last. Dinner and drinks with friends, my ass. Since you're just going to be sitting there cramming junk food into your craw and molesting a game controller with your thumbs all night anyway, why don't you head out to the McDonald's Midnight Gaming Championship in Allen for a chance to win games, gift cards and cold, hard cash? Battle other self-imposed shut-ins and rabid console jockeys for fun and prizes, and most of all, for honor! Rip off some dude's head in Tekken 5, prance your way through the end zone in NCAA 07 Football or shred your way to six-string supremacy in Guitar Hero. What? Am I going? Why don't you mind your own business? McDonald's Midnight Gaming Championship takes place Saturday night at 104 Central Expressway in Allen. Register online at
Sat., Oct. 14
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Geoff Johnston