Grown Up, Screwed Up.

When Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. (Jay Reatard) passed away in early 2010, Memphis' soul-slab foundations crumbled. The reverberation spread well beyond the walls of Goner Records, through and past Austin and was felt worldwide. While a crushing blow to followers of Lindsey's music, news of his death was not entirely a surprise to most. Always the first to bust-up a stage and start a riot, Lindsey put that same hard-living excitement into every live show that he showed up to, and every album that he cut — be it with his original band, The Reatards; his more rock-forward group, The Lost Sounds; or his solo work. Garage rock needed his constant adrenaline, and now he's gone and buried near Issac Hayes. Better Than Something is a new documentary film about Jay Reatard, and it includes interviews with many of Lindsey's friends, like Alicja Trout (Lost Sounds, River City Tanlines), Eric “Oblivian” Friedl (Goner Records, Oblivians), King Louie Bankston (King Louie One-Man-Band) and more. Learn about Lindsey's reflective poetic side that was constantly railed against by his rock 'n' roll demons, tonight only at Texas Theatre. Time and ticket price as of press time have not been posted. View details at
Fri., March 30, 2012
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Jamie Laughlin
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