Halloween at the Movies: Finally, Something Scarier than that "Butter" on the Popcorn

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Another October means movie theaters yet again rolling out the orange carpet for their Halloween themed programming, and since we are the foremost experts of Halloweenocity in the area, we pulled all the best screenings together for you. Weirdly enough no one is showing John Carpenter's Halloween this year, which might change as the month draws on. Oh, and despite our pleas from last year no one is showing Teen Witch. Why must you torture us so Dallas media purveyors?

Texas Theatre As they did with last year's live orchestral screening of Dr. Caligari, the team at the theater brings some class to the Halloween programming by pairing Dario Argento's Susperia with a performance by the Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet on the 11th. Blood Bath Film Fest VI hits on the 19th featuring the best in independent horror shorts, while on the 24th and 25th there's a showing of The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears complete with a performances by Nervous Curtains and Cerulean Giallo on the 25th. There's also Bride of Frankenstein on the 24th, and Nightbreed's director's cut screens on the 28th. Halloween features a performance by Cirque Du Horror and a screening of the 1922 Danish horror film Häxan. Oh, and the most terrifying even of all happens on the the 10th when a special screening of a 35mm print of Never Been Kissed is shown in honor of the films 15th anniversary.

The Magnolia The art house is taking it easy this year with just sort of delving into the thriller territory with Billy Wilder's noir classic Double Indemnity on Tuesday the 14th. On the 28th they're showing the cult hit anthology Trick 'r Treat.

Inwood Theatre You sort of expect more from the home of midnight movies in Dallas, but they're just showing Gremlins (THIS IS A CHRISTMAS MOVIE PEOPLE) at midnight on the weekend of the 17th and 18th. And of course there will be a showing of Rocky Horror on Halloween night.

Sunset Screenings at the AT&T Performing Arts Center ATTPAC started doing monthly screening of films at Strauss Square back in September, and they're keeping it going with a showing of the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece The Shining on the 26th. They're offering up beer & wine paired picnic boxes, which means they want you to enjoy a beverage or two, but they don't want you to get so into the booze that you start discussing faked moon landing theories.

Sundown at the Granada Sundown has been offering a Wednesday night movie paired with a whiskey special for some time now, and while the Halloween fare is a little thin this year,they are showing the '80s cheese classic The Lost Boys on Wednesday the 29th. Whiskey makes that sexual tension between Keifer Sutherland, and, well, everyone a lot more fun to see.

Movie Tavern The movie Tavern chain (Denton/Fort Worth) said screw it this year and decided to go with nothing but works from Master of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock. You can see Dial M for Murder on the 8th, Vertigo on the 14th and 15th and. Rear Window 21st and 22nd. And finally Hitchcock's masterpiece, and the first film to terrify America into almost panic, Psycho, is being shown on the 28th and 29th.

Alamo Drafthouse Because the Alamo Drafthouse goes way above and beyond with their programming this is going to be a lot to take in. So take a deep breath, because here we go. Monster House is so popular that it's being shown on the 8th, and 9th. You can catch the original version of Let the Right One In and an Action Pack version of Rocky Horror on the 8th and 27th. A Michael Jackson/Thriller sing-a-long on the 11th. Starting on the 12th every Sunday is dedicated to the Universal Movie Monsters with The Invisible Man kicking things off, then Dracula on the 19th and The Mummy on the 26th.on the 12th. The 14th features a Little Shop of Horrors sing-a-long, and if you miss that you can catch it on the 22nd. The 14th also features a Video Vortex showing Hauntedween, which is being shown in all it's grainy VHS glory. There's a Halloween edition of the monthly Cartoon Cereal Party and a screening of Ed Wood on the 18th. The Master Pancake bros travel up from Austin to do Predator on the 19th. Jeff Goldblum seduces your girlfriend in The Fly on the 20th. The Exorcist and The Lost Boys are being shown on the 21st, where we assume the night's special will be a version of green pea soup. The Shining take's it's turn at getting your money on the 22nd. John Carpenter makes you love Kurt Russel in the The Thing on the 23rd. Four mystery movies will be shown as part Dismember the Alamo movie marathon 25th. Jim Varney's Ernest gets Scared Stupid plays on the 25th. A Ghostbusters quote-a-long happens on the 27th. Twentysomethings playing teenagers are used to mock the horror genre in Scream on the 28th. The most important screening of the season hits on the 29th when we all sing-a-long with Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus. And finally on Halloween night you can catch Trick 'r Treat before heading out to drink too much and make awesome mistakes.

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