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Happy Guinness World Records Day, DFW. What Records You Got There?

While people everywhere try to figure out how to run the fastest or eat the most, we're trying to figure if we could take the GWR for the most slowly chewed bite or painstakingly styled hairdo. If those fail, we have memories of Sam Merten and Pete Freedman competing to see who could balance our promotional House cane on two fingers while standing in one square foot. Merten took it at 27.17 minutes. That's worth an Observer record if nothing else. And it's sort of appropriate since Hugh Laurie now holds a Guinness World Record for the most watched leading man on television.

But then we started wondering about the GWRs of the metroplex. Are they awesome? Are they strange? Can they be topped? Are there more to come?

After the jump, check out four record holders and one we really hope is going to get their glory.

Oliver Peck, Elm Street Tattoo - Most Tattoos Inked in 24 Hours, 415 in 2008 It has been said that this record has since been broken, but we prefer the notion "once a Guinness World Record holder, always a Guinness World Record holder." Plus, Peck has really kept at it over the years for the simple love of the art and rush of the challenge. Gotta respect that.

Bryan Berg, Cardstacker - World's Tallest House of Cards, 25' and 9 7/16" in 2007 Bryan Berg not only holds the GWR for the Tallest House of Cards -- which he constructed in Fair Park's African-American Museum in 2007 (without glue, tape or even bending), but he also holds one for the World's Largest Playing Card Structure. He just didn't build that one in Dallas so, while it's awesome, height totally beats girth. Berg has also claimed on his site that if the museum ceiling were taller, he could've kept going another 10 feet. At least. Nice cardblock, Fair Park.

The crowd of the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington - Most People Wearing Sunglasses at Night, June 21, 2011, Texas Rangers versus Houston Astros According to this ESPN blurb, the official record is 424, though Danny Girton Jr., senior corporate adjudicator manager for Guinness World Record, said 250 was the minimum requirement. Girton also noted -- since only two sections were counted for the record -- that "[a]n unofficial 30,000 plus wore them as well." As far as we can tell, Corey Hart was not in attendance.

Cutting Edge Haunted House - World's Largest Walk-Through Horror House, 2009 It takes almost an hour to walk through the former meat-packing warehouse in Fort Worth. And that measures enough for a GWR, it would seem. Factors not taken into consideration were number of pants scared off, decibel levels of screams or gallons of make-up used during the Halloween season. But we're thinking that's the next challenge.

44th Capital One Bank Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot - Largest Gathering of Humans Dressed as Turkeys, November 24, 2011? So the goal is simple. They want the largest number of turkeys -- wait, a second -- the largest number of people dressed up as turkeys to register and participate in the 44th annual Turkey Trot. Begin Thanksgiving Day helping to support YMCA programs and just looking a fool -- which is a cool concept, because we usually reserve that for after we've eaten ourselves silly. Just don't let PETA get wind of this -- they're having a field day with their raccoon Mario/Tanooki protests right now and might not understand that being a furry for a day can be totally charitable and animal-friendly.

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