Have a Little Faith

"Relax and let God lead you." Sounds pretty good, if I could only get that "relax" part down. But that's what 31-year-old Renae McMillan is trying to teach women to do--well, Christian women. Wait a minute, Renae, we don't like exclusivity, particularly when it comes to spiritual matters. What's up with that? McMillan doesn't bite her tongue when she says her Relax and Let God Lead You! Psalm 23 Women's Spa Retreat is primarily for Christian women. Gotta love an honest girl, especially when what she's being honest about is not popular. But, she says, the purpose of her outreach organization, RMC Ministries Inc., is to promote healing and restoration in all women.

The second annual Relax and Let God Lead You! retreat is based on Psalm 23. Most of us have heard that one, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want..." Her message is this: As women, we have to learn to relax and have peace, and that can only come through spiritual, mental and physical health. Her approach is unusual. Do away with the nun-like caricature of a Christian woman; McMillan and her group represent a new breed of Christ-followers: young (and not-so-young) with-it women who believe worship doesn't have to be contained within the four walls of a church and love for God doesn't mean kneeling in front of an altar all day long.

And Labor Day weekend, she's taking her labor of love to the streets. The Relax and Let God Lead You! participants will hit the Galleria and Valley View malls with an Outreach Scavenger Hunt. As the women search for treasure, they'll also be searching for hurting hearts. McMillan says some women who are victims of sexual abuse can't turn to their families for support or would rather have outside assistance. And that's where she comes in. She's got a vision: A home for women and girls who are or who have been sexually abused called Tamar's House, named after a biblical figure who was raped by her brother.

Relax and Let God Lead You! weekend is more than an opportunity for women to get wrapped up in hot towels and sip raspberry water. (There will be plenty of that; on Friday night, the event will feature a Silk Pajama Pampering Party.) But it's also a chance for them to hear various women of the cloth speak on everything from life balance and praying in difficult times to taking care of God's temple as well. "It's a chance to connect with other women," McMillan says. "A chance for older women to teach younger women. A chance to be open and honest with our sisters and a chance to heal." --Stephanie Morris

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