Help This Poor Man: Where Have All the Pinball Tables in Dallas Gone?

Where is my Playboy pinball? Where is my Harley Davidson? Where have all the pinball tables gone?

Look, I'm asking for a friend. With the recent shuttering of July Alley, he's found himself despondent. He's having to literally twiddle his thumbs with the loss of his beloved pinball tables.

On a tip, he stopped by City Tavern last night, only to learn that just last week the employees arrived to work and the pinball tables had been removed. Who took them? Is there someone in Dallas collecting all the tables and hoarding them in their basement? If so, my friend asks, can he come over and play them? He's got a stack of quarters.

Apparently, the only place he can go to play pinball is Wit's End, where the tables are too "basic." Barcadia? "There's only one and it's lame." Kung Fu Saloon? "Do people actually go there?"

He's made plans this week to head out to Nickelrama ... in Garland. Oh, the humanity!

So, help a man out. Where are the pinball tables in Dallas? The good ones. The ugly ones. The ones that show you nudey pics when you level up. The ones where the flippers don't stick. Know of a good spot? Let us know in the comments.

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