Here's Looking at You

I always thought there was a fine line between being a spy and being a stalker. They are kind of one in the same, but being a secret agent man who travels the world on missions makes you a badass, and well, being just a regular man who watches women through the bushes makes you a perv. Just think about it, if James Bond never joined the British Secret Intelligence Service, then he could of easily become a peeping tom who likes to watch old ladies knitting. Anyway, the Museum of Nature and Science has an ongoing exhibit, The Science of Spying, to help you practice your detective/lurker skills or creepiness...whatever you want to call it. You will be learning everything from cracking open a safe to working on your powers of observation. Once you have mastered the world of spying, or at least improved your skills, then a spy mission awaits you. I can't tell you what it will be, mainly because I don't know. The Science of Spying will run until January 4, 2010, at the Museum of Nature and Science (3535 Grand Ave. and 1318 S. 2nd Ave. in Fair Park). For more information, call 214-428-5555 or visit
May 23-Jan. 4, 2009
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Sarah Johnson
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