Here's the First Photo from Halt & Catch Fire, AMC's New Show About Dallas

AMC's original-drama wave crested over the weekend, when a record 10 million people bid a Badfinger-scored farewell to Walter White and Breaking Bad. Walking Dead (which returns next weekend) and Mad Men (next year) will keep things going, but fans will of course want more-more-more. The network is hoping a show about retro tech -- set in Dallas, created by a Dallasite -- will sate those cravings.

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There's no air date yet for Halt & Catch Fire, which, as we've mentioned, was co-created by Plano native Chris Cantwell and is set during Dallas' 1980s tech boom. (Think Social Network meets Wall Street, apparently.) We do know that Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) is the star, because AMC has told us so, and that he'll star alongside Scott McNairy, a Dallas native himself. That's McNairy up there, in the first photograph released of the show.

So retro. So bearded. So dreamy. We can't wait.

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