Heritage Auction to Put Up "First Original Calvin and Hobbes Comic Ever"

If we had a worth-more-than-a-nickel, nickel for every wonderful, rare comic Heritage Auction put out there for bidding, we'd be a worth-more-than-a-nickel-millionaire. Which brings us to now, where Heritage has announced the November auction of a piece from Bill Watterson: the "very first Calvin and Hobbes comic strip original ever to be offered at public auction." See also: Heritage Invites the Dork Knights Over to See Frank Miller's Original Dark Knight

According to Heritage, the comic, which was done in 1986, was a gift to cartoonist Brian Basset (creator of Adam@Home and Red and Rover):

The art is in artist marker pens and watercolor on thin bristol board, with an image area of approximately 13" x 9", matted to an overall 18" x 15". Some of the black lines (in particular, the lettering) had very slightly faded, and there is clear plastic tape applied by Universal Press when adding positioning marks and the syndicate credit, but these hardly detract from the subtle beauty of the line art and coloring...

The bidding kicks off on October 27, 2012 with auction dates mid-November, which is probably enough time to save the the 100,000-or-so dollars you'll need to win this amazing piece.

Speaking of, can I sell a plasma screen TV for 100,000 to any of you?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.