He's Here, He's Grier, Get Used To It

The comedian/actor David Alan Grier is best known for his work on the series In Living Color alongside Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans and Tommy Davidson, but according to Wikipedia, he's known more for his dramatic acting. Hmm...Nope, I'll always remember him as Antoine Merriweather in the "Men on Film" sketches. But he received a graduate degree in drama from Yale, so when he goes onstage at the Arlington Improv this weekend he'll surely put it to good use, and I'm going to guess he'll toss in a few race jokes as well. Grier recently released a book titled Barack Like Me: The Chocolate Covered Truth in which he shamelessly rides the coattails of the nation's first black president and mines for comedy gold. He'll be at the Addison Improv, 4980 Belt Line Road, Thursday through Sunday. Tickets ($25) and showtimes are at 972-404-8501 or visit improv.com.
Aug. 19-22, 2010
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Elliot Kaiser
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