Hey, Bookworms, Wanna Read Along With the Mixmaster Online Book Club?

You there, with your Kindles, Nooks and bound sheets of paper. Would you join us? Would you read, along with us, books of the fictional and non-fictional, the popular and the possibly obscure?

We're starting a book club, see: The Mixmaster Book Club. Clever name, right?

We'll designate a portion of a book to read (a few chapters, a section, a short story, what have you) and tell you by what day to have read it -- don't worry, we'll be nice. Then, here on the Mixmaster, we'll post our feedback/discussion of the reading in a post and welcome yours as well.

So now...the vote!


Voting will close next Wednesday, June 29, at 5 p.m. (don't worry, we'll remind you a couple of times before then), so we can assign the first reading section before the long Fourth of July weekend. This current poll is limited to the five titles we've already listed but we absolutely welcome suggestions for future polls, so throw them down there in the comments.

Also, for our first "discussion" we'll probably start out with an IM-style discussion between staffers and allow you all to comment below as you wish. But, this is a community effort, so we'll also welcome suggestions as we proceed with this: Do you prefer live blogging in the comments instead? Would you consider attending an actual in-person event to celebrate the end of a book?

Think about it. Get excited. Go buy a cool bookmark. And don't forget to vote!

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