Visual Art

Hey, Look at This Dumpster! It's DIRK!

Look on TV, DIRK; look on Twitter, DIRK; Look on your neighbor's T-shirt, DIRK...and we're not even close to sick of him! His likeness pops up in the most unexpected places, almost the way Jesus appears on a burnt grilled cheese or in pizza sauce.

Perhaps the most unexpected place we've spotted him since the championship is on a dumpster behind Meridian Room on Parry Avenue in Exposition Park. The parking lot, accessible from First Avenue is nothing to look at -- pretty run-of-the-mill, perhaps even a little dark and creepy at times.

But someone -- tagger, nay, graffiti artist, it would appear -- chose to lighten up the space with a rather royal image of Dallas's most highly visible victor.

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Leslie Minora

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